EA Says Battlefield 2042 ‘Did Not Meet Expectations’

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While gamers have been aware of Battlefield 2042’s difficulties since its release last November, developer EA admitted to the game’s problems in front of investors today, saying it “did not fulfill expectations.”

Battlefield 2042 has always been a “ambitious game” for EA, according to CEO Andrew Wilson, who noted that much of the game was created under COVID-19 lockdowns, which influenced the final product.

“Developing this game for nearly two years with our teams working from home proved to be hard,” he remarked. “We believed the experience was ready to be put in the hands of our athletes after our testing and preparation. We launched with a high level of stability; nevertheless, as more people played the entire game, it became evident that there were unanticipated performance concerns that needed to be addressed. Some of the game’s design decisions also didn’t sit well with everyone in our community.”

Wilson then reaffirmed EA’s commitment to continuing to improve Battlefield 2042 in the coming months, citing the company’s announcement earlier today that the first season of live service content will be delayed until early summer as it worked on refining the core experience.

Though it’s unknown how Battlefield impacted EA’s bottom line, it was later indicated on the call that the company’s failed sales projections were offset by FIFA and Apex Legends, with FIFA 22 having the best launch ever for a FIFA title. It was also the first holiday quarter in which revenue from recent acquisitions Codemasters, Glu Mobile, and Playdemic was included, which is likely to have impacted the results.

Wilson stated that he will continue to invest in and build the business, particularly expanding its mobile presence, but that the current period is “a pause.”

EA’s net revenue for the quarter was $1.79 billion, up 7% from the previous year.

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